For their part, the various crowdfunding sources have invented various business models and forms of funding that, they claim, maintain compliance. Again, the burden is on you to make sure that it is indeed as they claim.

The modern iteration of crowdfunding originated in creative endeavors, specifically in raising money to produce and distribute films. The best-known site for creative crowdfunding is probably Kickstarter

Crowdfunding has recently expanded beyond artistic and creative endeavors into providing funding mainstream business startups.

Obtaining startup capital via crowdfunding is no more of a guarantee of success than any other source of capital, but it may be much more accessible, especially if your startup is not physically in or near a major source of traditional startup funding.

There are a wide variety of business oriented crowdfunding sources, including:


Additional crowdfunding sites:

Verticals / Specific Markets


Sweat Equity:


Creative / Design:


Giving Back / Social Causes


General Non-Profit


List of crowdfunding sites (all types):


Posts on how to use crowdfunding for your startup:


The sites in this post came from these lists and searches:


Crowdsourceing Industry site:


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