Why They Call It Serial Entrepreneurship

They call it serial entrepreneurship for a reason.

In a parallel connection, the data flows through multiple connections simultaneously. This is the same as the turnstiles of an arena where many people pass through multiple turnstiles simultaneously.

But, even though there are many turnstiles, each turnstile can only have one person passing through it a time.

Startup entrepreneurs who attempt to simultaneously execute multiple business models or operate against multiple market segments are attempting to single-handedly go through multiple turnstiles at the same time.

It just can’t be done.

When you are building a business, that business needs at least 100% of you. There is no way you can be fair to that business, and that business’ customers, employees, co-founders, investors and stakeholders if you are trying to split yourself across that business and additional business models.

The same goes for market segments when you are a startup. You cannot fully and effectively serve multiple market segments with startup scale resources.

Conversely, in a serial connection, the data flows through one connection, one block of data at a time, one block of data after another. It’s just like you moving through a turnstile. You go through one turnstile at a time.

Starting a business is the same as passing through a turnstile. You may do many of them in your lifetime, but you can only fully do one at a time.

If you are trying to do more than one at a time, you are doing it wrong.

It’s not called parallel entrepreneurship.

It’s called serial entrepreneurship.

It’s called serial entrepreneurship for a reason.